PawPalooza – August 19, 2023

Our 3rd Annual PawPalooza fundraising event will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2023, at Ziegler Winery. Once again, we will feature a cornhole tournament, an art and craft vendor fair, raffles, food, wine and live music. It will be an event you will not want to miss, so mark your calendars! More details coming soon!

PawPalooza Sponsorship


Max 50 Teams, Set 2-Man Teams, 21 No Bust
Registration Fee: $50 per team
Check-in/Rules – 11:30 a.m.
First Bag Thrown – noon

Tournament Director, Penny Kottke Cellphone: 920-960-5289

Tournament Payout:
1st Place Team – $250
2nd Place Team – $150
3rd Place Team – $100

Registration: You can register directly at the Fond du Lac Humane Society . Provide your Team Name, email, telephone number and registration fee of $50. If needed, you can call your team into the FDL Humane Society at (920) 922-8873 and charge to your credit card.

Or This tournament will be run using the ScoreHolio App for Cornhole. All players can download ScoreHolio App directly on their phones, register, pay, and utilize throughout the tournament. EVENT NAME: FDL Humane Society PawPalooza

Bracket Play: Games start when the tournament personnel make the announcement that the tournament has begun. When each game is complete teams should report to the bracket table and report the result of their game. Information will then be shared about the next game that each team will be assigned to. Players can also follow their next games by utilizing the Scoreholio App. This is a double elimination tournament so teams will need to lose twice to be out of bracket play. Any questions should be directed to the tournament director.

Bracket Play Scoring: The first team to hit 21 or more points wins using elimination scoring (Team A gets 2 bags on the board, 1 off the board and 1 in the hole – Team B gets 2 bags on the board and 2 bags off the board. The score for Team A = 3 points).

Counting Points:

  • A bag that lands and stays on the landing surface is worth 1 point.
  • A bag that hits the floor or ground, bounces onto the playing surface and stays is worth zero points and should be removed from the landing surface before the next bag is thrown.
  • A bag that lands on the front of the board and is half on the landing surface but isn’t fully secured on the landing surface should be decided by picking up the front end of the board. If the bag stays its worth a point. If it falls off its worth zero.
  • A bag that goes through the hole on the landing surface is worth 3 points.

Bracket Responsibility: Attendees are responsible for position awareness on the bracket. If you’re waiting for a match to finish so you can play the next opponent you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to begin your next match within 15 minutes of both teams being available to play. If a team fails to show up after 15 minutes that team forfeits their position on the bracket. If that was there first loss they will be moved into the 2nd bracket. If both teams are missing for a period of 15 minutes then both teams forfeit their position on the bracket and the team that would have played the winner advances.

Champions: The Champions will be decided by the winners of bracket one playing a match against the winner of bracket two. If the winner of bracket one loses the first game that is their first loss and the teams must play again to determine the winner of that match. The winner of this game decides the Tournament Champion.

2nd Place: The 2nd Place team is the team that loses in the championship game.

3rd Place: The 3rd Place team is the team that loses the last game for bracket one (to the team
that moves onto the Championship game from bracket one).